6 June 2018 Art Terra
Art Terra's new office
The new legal and actual address of "Art Terra" Ltd. is: Rūpniecības street 22-52, Riga, LV-1010.
15 May 2018 Anniņmuižas 11
Ridgepole celebrating in Imanta!
Ridgepole celebrating in Imanta in project Anninmuizas boulv. 11, Riga.
2 May 2018 Adaži
Property on Vainagu street 9 in Adazi is available for reservation!
We offer to book real estate at Vainagu street 9 in Adazi.
22 January 2018 Adaži
Construction works started in Ādaži
Construction works started in our new project in Ādaži. It is planned to build 4 residential houses this year.
29 November 2017 Art Terra
Presentation of the ART TERRA calendar 2018
Presentation of the new ART TERRA calendar 2018
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