23 Feb 2015

You are changing and growing and so do Your preferences and options. If You are willing and have the opportunity to buy a family house in our project at Upesciems today, but the number of rooms in the house do not meet You needs, then the company ART TERRA can offer You the following

5 Feb 2015
Special conditions for house purchase and loan in collaboration with Swedbank. Learn more...
19 Jan 2015
Apartment reservation in project "BITERA 6".
Apartment reservation is started in our new project "BITERA 6". Congratulation to our first clients!
6 Oct 2014
The Name and adress change
Due to a land unit change, the name and address of the project in Imanta has been changed.

The name of the project is „Bitera 6” and address is Bitera street 6, Rīga.

Based on Riga City Construction board desicion Nr. BV-14-796-ls in October 6, 2014
19 Sep 2014

Completion of the project - a symbolic planting of a mountain ash.