28 Aug 2015

Ridgepole celebrating at project BITERA 6!

16 Apr 2015
Our company offers additional services on arrangement and equipment of your property in village in Upesciems project:
    - Arrangement of the spokes for watering the lawn;
    - Installation of a metal grid on a wooden fence;
    - Mowing the lawn with the cleaning and removal of grass - 90 €;
    - Mowing the lawn without cleaning and removal of grass - from 60 €.

Please sent applications to or call +371 29102064

23 Feb 2015

You are changing and growing and so do Your preferences and options. If You are willing and have the opportunity to buy a family house in our project at Upesciems today, but the number of rooms in the house do not meet You needs, then the company ART TERRA can offer You the following

5 Feb 2015
Special conditions for house purchase and loan in collaboration with Swedbank. Learn more...
19 Jan 2015
Apartment reservation in project "BITERA 6".
Apartment reservation is started in our new project "BITERA 6". Congratulation to our first clients!