21 December 2018 Anniņmuižas 11
All apartments are reserved
In the project on Anninmuižas boulevard 11 in Riga all apartments are reserved. We thank our customers for the trust and high appreciation of our experience and professionalism.
6 June 2018 Art Terra
Art Terra's new office
The new legal and actual address of "Art Terra" Ltd. is: Rūpniecības street 22-52, Riga, LV-1010.
15 May 2018 Anniņmuižas 11
Ridgepole celebrating in Imanta!
Ridgepole celebrating in Imanta in project Anninmuizas boulv. 11, Riga.
2 May 2018 Adaži
Property on Vainagu street 9 in Adazi is available for reservation!
We offer to book real estate at Vainagu street 9 in Adazi.
22 January 2018 Adaži
Construction works started in Ādaži
Construction works started in our new project in Ādaži. It is planned to build 4 residential houses this year.
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