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2013 Collection

Good location and developed infrastructure, practical and convenient planning, excellent work and material quality - it is still in the trend. Energy efficiency and ecology have become an integral part of our lives.

In the new 2013 collection of houses, ART TERRA combines all the good and time-tested, complemented with new elements that fit the latest fashion trends while maintaining affordable prices.

The new house with a plot of land near Riga can become not only a fulfillment of your dreams, but also serve as a reliable investment.

You are an energetic, active lifestyle and your dream is to live in a private house in the picturesque outskirts of Riga, besides enjoying the comfort of the city - our collection is for you!

You think about ecology and a healthy lifestyle, you are practical, give preference to quality, things that will serve you and your children for many years - our collection is for you!

You want to decide independently on spending your home, you are rational and willingly live in the suburbs, within a few minutes of it - our collection is for you!

In the 2013 new collection, we offer you a variety of area and planning residential projects: S-90 m2, M-100 m2, L-120 m2, XL-164 m2, land plots ranging from 929 to 1420 m2.

Regardless of the size of your home, it will have: a spacious living room and kitchen, two terraces, a bathroom and a shower room, as well as a shed for parking and auxiliary rooms. You just have to choose how many bedrooms you want - two, three, or maybe five.

The construction of a team of experienced specialists has begun and you can already try your own new home.